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Ecliptic Ideas partners with forward-thinking businesses and creative agencies to build and maintain industry-leading Web & Mobile applications and websites using Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Ember, and more.

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You’re looking for a partner that you can trust to solve real problems for your business. From frontend to backend, mobile to desktop - you can trust us to deliver solutions that are hand-crafted, maintainable, and scalable.


With experience spanning the full stack, we can deliver clean, well-tested code to your project wherever it’s needed. Here’s a few samples of technologies we excel at:


These days, front-end development is far more than just HTML & CSS. We specialize in everything from CSS pre-processors to advanced Javascript frameworks.


The server is just the beginning. Scale your web and mobile applications with modern back-end services such as Heroku, AWS, Cloudflare, and more.

Automation, insight, and more. Create massive value for your clients and customers by building custom integrations and connecting different platforms together.



Selling products online? We love Shopify, Fulfillments and warehouse integrations!


Collect payments for anything 24/7 using Stripe or Authorize.net.


From Basecamp to Salesforce to Zoho, we’ve got your CRM needs covered.


Email, SMS, Segment creation, conversion tracking, and lifecycle emails, anyone?

Digital Contracts

From contracts to dynamic document generation, we'll help you complete your cloud transformation.

Mockup of Coronado Beach Fit

Coronado Beach Fit

Coronado Beach Fit is a unique take on a residential fitness & health program, with a focus on fun events, personal development, and lasting memories all under the umbrella of one unforgettable vacation in Coronado, CA.

Mockup of Dessy Partner Program

Dessy Partner Program

We partnered with Dessy and SKU Agency to build a custom web application for their brand new partner program. This custom application allows them to spin up a fully-functioning Shopify store filled with products within minutes. Products and Orders are synced automatically to/from their fulfillment house. Needless to say, it’s been a hit.

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